Operational insights for the Agriculture and Horse Racing industries

Integrated solution

Specta Technologies provide a fully integrated solution combining a variety of sensor data and grass health analysis

Our solutions are designed and configured to provide you with an all in one track management solution that helps you efficiently and effectively managed your tracks.

Aerial Surveys

Using our drone technology we can collect vast amounts of data on large agricultural areas, race tracks and gold courses.

Our sensors collect data at the plant (leaf) level which help you identify issues with your crops such as pests, soil condition, disease and plant health prior to being visible to the human eye.

Easy to Use Dashboards

Real Time Track Management using the latest in ground and above ground sensors in an accessible easy to use dashboard

  • Race Day Track Stats
    Information from you last race meeting & predictions for the next race meeting
  • Real Time Soil Data
    Moisture & Temperature Data in real time
  • Real Time Weather Data
    Accurately analyse and predict track maintenance
Specta technologies create actionable insights to ensure you can manage your track efficiently and effectively

Mobile App

Specta Technologies Mobile Application allows you to record manual data and view your dashboard from anywhere

  • Create your own sensor
    Collect data on the go by entering data in the specta mobile app
  • Receive Alerts
    Set thresholds for data to receive early warnings
  • Check your Track from anywhere
    Weather, Soil Moisture, Soil Temp

Track Quality

Real Time Track Management using the latest in ground and above ground sensors

  • Grass Health Index
    Precision analysis of grass health using NDVI analysis from drone cameras
  • Track Quality & Health
    Combine data from multiple sources to establish the quality and health of the grass
  • Track comparisons between flights
    View track health over time using regular drone flights