aerial surveys

Grass health analysis using multispectoral cameras which analysis grass at the leaf level


sensor installation

High quality soil sensors, weather stations & irrigation sensors installed and connected to our cloud dashboard



Custom dashboards for Horse Racing and Agriculture industries combining in ground sensors, weather data and aerial surveys

Aerial Surveys

Aerial Surveys provide insights into the health of your fields and race tracks.

Our drones capture NDVI imagery using near-infrared and visible imagery. This provides you with the ability to detect evidence of plant stress before these issues are visible to the naked eye.

With regular Aerial surveys and our easy to use dashboard you can compare crop and grass health over time to analyse changes required to your operations management.

Sensor Installation

  • Weather Stations
    Precise Weather at your location
  • Soil sensors
    Inground Soil sensors capturing moisture and temperature
  • Cameras
    Weather & Security Cameras

Specta Technologies uses high quality cost effective sensors that can be networked into 3G, Local Area Networks and emerging networks such as LoraWAN

We install Weather Stations, soil sensors, cameras, tank sensors, cattle trough sensors & gate sensors all using solar panels for power in the field.

All specta sensors are integrated into our cloud hosted dashboard solution for easy access to operational insights

Operational Dashboard

Specta Dashboard combines data from multiple sensors

Integrate data from existing sensors, web cams, or your operational systems into the Specta Dashboard that will be configured for you to manage your operations effectively

  • Actionable insights for agriculture
    Real Time Data Analysis and alerting
  • Combine multiple sensors, receive alerts
    Consolidate all your operational data into one dashboard to manage your operations
  • Connect your exisiting sensors
    Our dashboard solution can integrate with many existing sensors providing you with one place to view your operational information
Specta technologies provides fully integrated sensor solutions for the agriculture and horse racing industries

Fully Integrated Solutions

Specta Technologies can provide you with a fully integrated solution, taking care of sensor installation, networking, hosting and dashboard configuration.

We provide an easy to use mobile friendly application so you can enter data from non networked devices, such as irrigation devices